Feel Good Friday – FGF004

Gibt ja zur Zeit nur wenig Feel-Good aus Wissenschaft und Gesellschaft, trotzdem hier ein kleines Update und etwas Flausch kurz vorm Wochenende.

Plant from plastics: Bio-based polymers can be transformed into fertilizer

Bioplastics can be chemically recycled into nitrogen-rich fertilizers in a facile and environmentally friendly way, as recently demonstrated. Their findings pave the way towards sustainable circular systems that simultaneously address issues such as plastic pollution, petrochemical resource depletion, and world hunger.

‚It’s not science fiction‘: New East Bay facility producing lab-grown meat plans to produce 400,000 pounds per year

Upside Foods, which cannot yet legally sell its cultured meat, is ready to grow chicken for the masses

Study: Recycled Lithium Batteries as Good as Newly Mined

The results, published in the journal Joule, show that batteries with recycled cathodes can be as good as, or even better than those using new state-of-the-art materials.

Harvest mice love pollen and eating stamens so much they end up sleeping inside tulips