Feel Good Friday – FGF006

Es ist mal wieder Zeit für einen FGF. Heute mehr denn je.

Solar energy cheaper even than existing coal-fired power stations

Retiring all the uneconomic coal plants around the world and replacing them with renewables would save US$32 billion and 3 giga tons of CO2 annually, 9 percent of the mankind’s energy-related emissions. Is not this a worthwhile legacy for COP26?

Dank deutscher Forschung: Solarmodule können jetzt vollständig recycelt werden

Rechtzeitig vor der ersten großen Recycling-Welle haben Forscher des Fraunhofer Instituts nun aber ein alternatives Verfahren entwickelt. Damit können die Solarmodule vollständig recycelt werden und als wertvolle Rohstoffquelle dienen.

Catalyst turns carbon dioxide into gasoline 1,000 times more efficiently

It produced 1,000 times more butane—the longest hydrocarbon it could produce under its maximum pressure—than the standard catalyst given the same amounts of carbon dioxide, hydrogen, catalyst, pressure, heat and time.

This Startup Is Trying to Make Juicy Steaks Out of Thin Air

Air Protein is transforming carbon dioxide into delicious cuts of meat, with the helping hand of bacteria.

Moderna begins early-stage trials of mRNA-based HIV vaccine

The shot uses the same technology as the company’s COVID-19 vaccine.